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The Webcomic hosting site that I have been using, will be shutting down in the next few months:…
I can't believe it. I made a lot of webfriends on that site and have been very inspired by them. It was the first social networking site that I used. There's a lot of sentimental value towards this site and the community of people I met on there. I uploaded my comic on there, Let's Go Now!, a comic that I have been working on and continues to do so for several years.
for anyone that uses Inkblazers, formerly known as, please let me know where I can also contact you and see your artwork and comics. I'll really miss everyone on there... 
I had a lot of plans for my Inkbkazers accountant now they're ruined... If anyone has any ideas of how to save this site please let the owners of the site know. A lot of people are devastated about this news and have planned their careers around it. 
I'm very sad to see this site go. ):

Even if you can't financially help, please spread the word about saving this site.

Update Jan. 17 2015:
Sorry for the long absence from deviantart and to those that follow me/talked to me on tapastic and inkblazers as well! There was the busyness of the holidays then I lost motivation in working on my comic because of the whole Inkblazers shutting down situation. But then - after reading some awesome comics (Apple Black vol. 1 and reMIND vol. 2) - my motivation returned! :) I was still on a break from using these sites for a bit, besides my google plus, because I wanted to lessen the time and chance of getting distracted while working on my comic some more. (Social media in general can do that). ^^'''

I always have been thinking about what to do with my comic series, Let's Go Now!, but the shut down news really got to me... Just want to mention that a day doesn't go by without thinking about Let's Go Now!/working on it in some form, to be honest, so don't think I'm ever going to give up on seeing this graphic novel/Webcomic series to completion. ;)

It may take time before we see the end of Let's Go Now!, but I hope you stick around for the ride. The new home for my comic is now on the Webcomic hosting site,, which also has an android and iPhone app (that can be used on the ipad as well, which  I do). So not just by uploading on a Webcomic site, there's more chances of exposure for one's work via viewing through those apps. They're free to download too, it makes reading webcomics easier and it automatically keeps track of which "episode" you should be reading next, from where you left off. 

... I got off topic a little, didn't I? Lol ^_^''' Sorry about that.

You can subscribe to my comic on tapastic right here:…
And if you haven't read the three chapter line art preview of my comic, you can read it on my deviantart:…

I will be letting every know where my comic will be on inkblazers first before I get back to everyone on deviantart and tapastic since IB will be shutting down in less than 15 days. :( I will get back to you in replying very soon! (There's 900 people I follow on IB that I have to make sure where everyone will be at as well as the comics I follow and people that follow me on there).
  • Mood: Emotional
  • Listening to: TFk: The Flames in All of Us Album
  • Reading: Webcomics, my comic, bone comic
  • Watching: The Cartoonist (I plan on watching this soon)
  • Playing: Azure Striker Gunvolt
  • Eating: Sandwich
  • Drinking: Water


MGartist's Profile Picture
Mary Goglia
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Link to one of my accounts where I post my comic series:…

Graphic design - cartooning - sequential art - mixed media

My name is Mary Goglia. I am currently attending college for an Associates Degree in Graphic Design.

I have always been interested in different art mediums since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I love to draw from the places and people around me, but what I mostly enjoy drawing are ideas from my imagination. I am interested in and create artworks in multiple mediums: cartooning, graphic design, and sequential art. I work in mixed media as well.

I am open to work in the comic industry, the graphic design industry, and any other art position that is needed and available as long as the assignment is sfw.
I am open to working in any art postion that is needed for each project: illustration, print design, logo design, pencilling, inking, lettering, book design, jacket design, and any other art position needed.
For those who are interested, please contact me at: marygogliaartist at gmail (dot) com with the subject line saying: "Art Position for Mary Goglia." (This is to avoid having your email unread, I have been getting a lot of spam. Having guidelines to follow for the subject line and how I typed out my email address will hopefully avoid this issue).

Things that inspire me as an artist:
Walt Disney is one of the motivational figures that I look up to. The accomplishments that he has done and the ability of creating moral messages through his works are the qualities that inspires me as an artist, creative thinker, and an individual. I want to create positive, moral messages through my artwork and all that I do in my life.
Archie Comic's Sonic the Hedgehog comic series is another inspiration for me. The varying art styles of drawing the characters from issue to issue made a huge impact on my comicking style. When I was in middle school, this Sonic the Hedgehog comic was what introduced me to comics in a much larger way than any other comic series before and during that time. It sparked my interest in not just reading more comics and appreciating the medium, but in having a goal of wanting to work in the comics industry as an artist for the Sonic comics as well as to make my own comic series. I'm already there with one of my goals, making my own comic series, Let's Go Now!. :)
Also, music tends to have a huge influence on my creative works, such as my webcomic Let's Go Now!. If the theme of the song, or at least the way I interpret it, fits with my comic's many themes I usually picture in my head "music videos" of my characters interacting with each other which then leads to plot ideas and more info about my characters. There's way too many to list which bands and songs that have provided inspiration for my comic, although it tends to be hard rock music.

My smackjeeves account (where I follow other webcomics):…

Some of my artwork:

Initiate! Mechanoiasis! Preview Page by MGartist Mangamagazine Info Graph by MGartist CD Back by MGartist Comic Book Events of Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Art by MGartist Chaos Ultimate Sonic Fan Comic Page 1 by MGartist

Likes: comics, reading, video games, history, science, sci-fi stories, storytelling, Disney, animations, graphic design

Dislikes: Negative events in the news (acts of violence, for example), adult rated (and beyond that) content, bullying, art theft

My goal is to inspire others in creating artwork and to make the world a safer, peaceful place through the comic stories that I tell. The goal of most of my comic projects is not just to entertain, but to address deeper meanings that I believe will be a positive influence to everyone who reads them.

Stamps that I found on deviantart and like:

Proud to be American by Wearwolfaa Heaven by LaurenEatsChildren Lover by Wearwolfaa Second favorite quote by whitegryphon 911 Remember Stamp by pillze69 Catholic Stamp by iLoveMyMom Who said I had that kind of power? by RebiValeska Double Standards by SionnaDehr Thousand Foot Krutch Stamp by McNikk Shadow Stamp by RecklessKaiser Earth without Art - Stamp - by Gewalgon
Even though I would probably be terrified of my own characters (meaning for the villains in my comic, Let's Go Now!): Character Stamp by Arpie

The following link is to my inkblazers account, a webcomic hosting site, where you can read my current webcomic project and other future webcomic projects.
Please note any older links that I have on my social networking accounts are to instead of Mangamagazine was the original name of inkblazers and both links still work to the same site. Just mentioning to avoid any possible confusion. :)

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